Broan 688 Ventilation Bath Fan – White, 50 CFM

The Broan-NuTone 688 Bath Fan offers efficient ventilation with 50 CFM airflow and operates at 4.0 Sones for quieter performance. Designed for both ceiling and wall installation, its sleek white finish complements any bathroom décor. Enjoy improved air quality and moisture control with this reliable and versatile ventilation solution.


Electric fan designExhaust Fan
Power SourceAC
Product Dimensions0.38″D x 9.25″W x 9″H


The Broan 688 Ventilation Bath Fan is a versatile solution for enhancing air quality in your bathroom. With a 50 CFM airflow capacity and operating at 4.0 Sones, it efficiently removes excess moisture and odors, promoting a healthier environment. Its dual installation options for ceiling and wall mounting ensure flexibility in placement, while the sleek white design seamlessly integrates with any décor.

Engineered for durability and performance, the Broan 688 Bath Fan provides reliable ventilation to combat mold and mildew growth. Its compact size doesn’t compromise on power, making it ideal for smaller bathrooms or powder rooms. Enjoy a quieter experience with its low noise level, allowing for discreet operation without sacrificing effectiveness.

Improve your bathroom’s comfort and cleanliness with the Broan 688 Ventilation Bath Fan. Easy to install and maintain, it offers long-lasting performance to keep your space fresh and inviting. Invest in superior ventilation for a healthier home environment with this trusted and dependable bath fan.


1.Efficient Ventilation: 

The Broan 688 Bath Fan provides effective airflow of 50 CFM, swiftly removing excess moisture and odors from your bathroom. Ensuring a comfortable environment and preventing mold and mildew growth

2.Quiet Operation: 

Operating at 4.0 Sones, this bath fan offers a quieter experience, allowing for discreet use without disrupting your peace and tranquility.

3.Versatile Installation:

 With options for both ceiling and wall mounting, the Broan 688 offers flexibility in placement, accommodating various bathroom layouts and configurations.

4.Sleek Design:

 Its sleek white finish adds a touch of elegance to any bathroom décor, seamlessly blending in with your existing aesthetic while providing essential ventilation.

5.Durable Performance: 

The Broan 688 Bath Fan, engineered for durability and longevity, withstands continuous use. Ensuring reliable ventilation for years to come.

6.Improved Air Quality:

By removing excess moisture and odors, this bath fan promotes better air quality, creating a healthier and  also comfortable environment for your family.


1. 50 CFM Airflow:

The Broan 688 Bath Fan delivers powerful ventilation with a capacity of 50 cubic feet per minute, effectively removing moisture and odors from your bathroom.

2. 4.0 Sones Operation: 

Enjoy a quieter environment with the Broan 688, operating at a noise level of 4.0 Sones, minimizing disruptions while still providing efficient ventilation.

3. Dual Mounting Options:

This bath fan offers versatile installation options, allowing for both ceiling and wall mounting to accommodate various bathroom layouts and configurations.

4. White Finish:

Its sleek white design adds a touch of style to any bathroom décor, seamlessly blending in with your space while providing essential ventilation.

5. Compact Size:

The Broan 688 is designed with a compact size, making it ideal for smaller bathrooms or powder rooms where space may be limited, while still maintaining high performance.

6. Easy Maintenance: 

Maintaining the Broan 688 Bath Fan is hassle-free thanks to its simple design and easy-to-access components, ensuring convenient performance.

How It Works:

1. Air Circulation: 

The Broan 688 Bath Fan draws in air from your bathroom through its grille, pulling it into the fan housing.

2. Fan Operation:

Inside the housing, the fan motor powers the fan blades, creating airflow that moves the collected air through the ventilation duct.

3. Moisture Removal:

As the air travels through the ventilation duct, the Broan 688 effectively removes excess moisture.  It helps prevent mold and mildew growth.

4. Odor Elimination:

Along with moisture, the fan also removes unpleasant odors from the bathroom as well as  improving overall air quality.

5. Discharge: 

The ventilation duct expels the air outside your home, effectively removing moisture and odors from your bathroom..

6. Continuous Operation: 

The Broan 688 Bath Fan can operate continuously or be controlled by a switch or timer, ensuring ongoing ventilation for a fresh and comfortable bathroom environment.


Q: How do I install the Broan 688 Bath Fan?

  • A: Installation instructions are included with the product, but typically, it involves mounting the fan in the desired location, connecting it to a power source, and venting it to the outside. It’s recommended to follow the provided instructions carefully or consult a professional if unsure.

Q: Can I use the Broan 688 Bath Fan in a shower area?

  • A: While the Broan 688 is designed for use in bathrooms, it’s best to install it away from direct water sources like showers to prevent damage. Consider installing it in a central location to maximize its effectiveness.

Q: How do I clean and maintain the Broan 688 Bath Fan?

  • A: Regular maintenance is essential for optimal performance. Therefore, it’s important to clean the fan grille and housing regularly to remove dust and debris that can accumulate over time. For specific cleaning instructions, consult the product manual.

Q: Is the Broan 688 Bath Fan suitable for use with a dimmer switch?

  • A: Moreover, it’s not recommended to use a dimmer switch with the Broan 688 Bath Fan. Dimmer switches are designed for lighting fixtures and can cause damage or improper operation if used with ventilation fans.

Q:What size duct does the Broan 688 Bath Fan require?

  • A: The Broan 688 typically requires a 4-inch duct for proper ventilation. It’s important to use the correct size duct to ensure efficient airflow and prevent issues such as backdrafts.

Q: Is the Broan 688 Bath Fan suitable for use in other rooms besides the bathroom?

  • A: While the Broan 688 is specifically designed for bathroom ventilation, it can also be used in other small to medium-sized rooms where ventilation is needed, such as laundry rooms or utility closets. However, it’s essential to ensure proper ventilation ducting and installation for optimal performance.

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