Folkulture wooden fruit bowl Rustic decorative wooden pedestal fruit bowl for kitchen

Elevate your kitchen with Folkulture’s wooden fruit bowl, a stylish addition to farmhouse decor. Crafted from sturdy acacia wood, it’s perfect for displaying fruits or enhancing your home’s aesthetic. Choose Folkulture for quality kitchen essentials that combine functionality with rustic elegance, of course providing timeless charm to your living space.




Bowl MaterialWood
ColorNatural Ribbed
Special FeatureOrganic, Rustic, Easy to use


Elevate your kitchen décor with the Folkulture wooden fruit bowl, a stunning pieTce that seamlessly combines rustic charm and practical functionality. Crafted from premium Acacia wood, this 12″ fruit bowl not only showcases natural beauty but also offers rich grain patterns and a sleek finish. Moreover, its versatile design effortlessly complements any kitchen aesthetic, making it an essential addition to your culinary space.

The Folkulture Decorative Wooden Fruit Bowl isn’t just a stylish accent—it’s highly functional too. Its spacious design provides ample room for storing an assortment of fresh fruits, keeping them within easy reach and adding a pop of color to your kitchen as well as. With a sturdy pedestal base ensuring stability and a wide rim offering convenient access to contents, it’s both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

Bringing the beauty of nature indoors, our exquisite fruit bowl seamlessly blends form and function. Moreover, perfect for showcasing seasonal fruits or serving as a striking focal point in your home décor. The Folkulture Decorative Wooden Fruit Bowl embodies timeless style and practicality. Moreover, elevate your living space with this eye-catching piece that will impress guests and add a touch of sophistication to everyday moments.

Benefits of Folkulture wooden fruit bowl

1.Beautiful Farmhouse Addition: 

Enhance your farmhouse decor with the Folkulture Decorative Wooden Fruit Bowl, adding rustic charm to any kitchen or dining room.

2.High-Quality Acacia Wood: 

Crafted from durable acacia wood, this 12-inch fruit bowl exudes natural beauty and ensures longevity.

3.Versatile Design: 

Use it as a decorative pedestal bowl for table centerpieces or as a functional fruit bowl for your kitchen counter.

4.Sturdy Construction: 

Built to last, the sturdy construction ensures durability and easy maintenance, providing a practical and stylish solution for your home decor needs.

5.Functional Elegance:

 Combining functionality with elegance, this fruit bowl is a must-have for those seeking to elevate their space with rustic sophistication.

Features of Folkulture wooden fruit bowl:

1.Farmhouse Décor:

Adds a touch of rustic charm to any farmhouse-style kitchen or dining area.

2.Versatile Use:

Perfect as a fruit bowl for kitchen counter storage or as a decorative pedestal bowl for table centerpiece arrangements.

3.Large Capacity:

Spacious 12″ diameter bowl provides ample space for storing a variety of fruits  or displaying decorative items.

4.Easy to Clean:

Smooth surface is easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth, ensuring hassle-free   maintenance.

5.Functional and Decorative:

Combines practical functionality with aesthetic appeal, making it both useful and visually appealing.

How It Work: 

1.Artisan Craftsmanship:

Each bowl is meticulously crafted by skilled artisans, resulting in a unique  piece that adds character and charm to your space.

2.Customizable Design:

The bowl offers the option for customization, allowing you to choose from various wood finishes and sizes to perfectly complement your farmhouse décor.

3.Dual-Purpose Functionality:

Beyond its role as a fruit bowl,it can also double so far a stunning vase for displaying fresh flowers or dried arrangements, adding usefulness to your home décor.

4.Handcrafted Details:

Each bowl showcases unique wood grains and natural defects,   highlighting its handcrafted nature and adding a touch of authenticity to your home.

5.Easy Maintenance:

 Acacia wood is relatively easy to clean and maintain. Simply wipe it down with a damp cloth and dry it thoroughly to keep it looking its best.


Q.What material is the Folkulture Wooden Fruit Bowl made of ?

  • A.The Folkulture Wood Fruit Bowl is made of acacia wood, known for its durability and attractive natural grain patterns.

Q.Can this rustic wood fruit bowl be used as a decorative pedestal bowl for table centerpiece?

  • A.Yes, absolutely! The Folkulture Wooden Fruit Bowl can serve as a decorative pedestal bowl for a table centerpiece. Its rustic charm and acacia wood construction enhance any table setting. Now that making it a versatile decor piece with enduring appeal.

Q.Does this farmhouse décor fruit bowl come with any special features or design elements?

  • A.Yes, the Folkulture Wood Fruit Bowl for Farmhouse Décor features several special design elements and features now that.
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