Scott ComfortPlus Toilet Paper 12 Double Rolls, Septic-Safe Tissue

Upgrade your bathroom with Scott ComfortPlus Toilet Paper. This pack includes 12 double rolls, offering 231 septic-safe, 1-ply sheets per roll. Enjoy the perfect combination of softness and strength for a comfortable and reliable bathroom experience. Trust Scott ComfortPlus for your everyday needs.


Special FeatureFlushable, Perforated, Septic Safe
Unit Count12 Count
Sheet Count2772

Elevate your bathroom experience with Scott ComfortPlus Toilet Paper. With 12 double rolls, each boasting 231 septic-safe, 1-ply sheets, this pack ensures long-lasting convenience. Indulge in the softness and strength of every sheet, providing comfort and reliability with every use. Whether for everyday needs or unexpected surprises, trust Scott ComfortPlus to deliver quality and comfort, ensuring your bathroom stays well-equipped.

Experience the ultimate in bathroom comfort and convenience with Scott ComfortPlus. Its septic-safe design and durable construction make it suitable for any household. With its reliable performance and soft texture, Scott ComfortPlus Toilet Paper promises to exceed your expectations, delivering a luxurious bathroom experience that you can count on day after day.


1. Exceptional Comfort: 

Moreover, Scott ComfortPlus Toilet Paper offers softness that pampers your skin, ensuring a comfortable and pleasant bathroom experience.

2. Reliable Strength:

Despite its gentle feel, this toilet paper is strong and dependable, providing effective cleaning and durability.

3. Generous Quantity:

Furthermore, with 12 double rolls in each pack, Scott ComfortPlus ensures you have an ample supply for your household needs.

4. Septic-Safe Design:

Additionally, designed to be septic-safe, this toilet paper minimizes the risk of clogs or damage to your plumbing system.

5. Convenient Packaging:

Furthermore, Scott ComfortPlus packaging is designed to be easy to use and store, seamlessly fitting into your bathroom cabinet or closet.


1. Soft and Gentle:

Furthermore, Scott ComfortPlus Toilet Paper is designed with a soft texture that provides comfort during each use, ensuring a pleasant bathroom experience.

2. Strong and Durable: 

However, despite its softness, this toilet paper is engineered to deliver strong and durable performance, ensuring reliability without sacrificing comfort.

3. Generous Quantity:

Additionally, each pack contains 12 double rolls, offering an ample supply for households of all sizes, reducing the frequency of replacements.

4. Septic-Safe: 

Moreover, Scott ComfortPlus is safe for septic systems, breaking down easily to prevent clogs and maintain the integrity of your plumbing.

5. Convenient Packaging:

Furthermore, the packaging’s design facilitates easy storage and dispensing, with perforated edges for quick and hassle-free tearing.

How It Works:

1. Softness and Comfort: 

Indeed! Scott ComfortPlus Toilet Paper features specially crafted fibers that offer a soft and gentle feel against your skin, enhancing your bathroom experience.

2. Effective Cleaning:

Furthermore, the packaging’s design facilitates easy storage and dispensing, with perforated edges for quick and hassle-free tearing.

3. Strength and Durability:

Despite its soft texture, Scott ComfortPlus is engineered to offer strength and tear-resistance, preventing it from breaking apart during use.

4. Septic-Safe Design: 

This toilet paper is formulated to break down easily in septic systems, reducing the risk of clogs and ensuring smooth flushing.

5. Sheet Quantity and Roll Size:

 Each double roll contains 231 sheets, offering ample coverage and reducing the frequency of roll changes.


Q: Is Scott ComfortPlus Toilet Paper suitable for septic systems?

  • A: Yes, absolutely! Scott ComfortPlus is specifically designed to be septic-safe, ensuring it dissolves easily and doesn’t cause clogs or backups in your plumbing.

Q: How many sheets are there per roll?

  • A: Each roll of Scott ComfortPlus contains 231 sheets, providing ample coverage for your bathroom needs.

Q: Is Scott ComfortPlus Toilet Paper soft to the touch?

  • A: Absolutely! Indeed, Scott ComfortPlus is engineered to provide exceptional softness, offering a gentle touch that enhances your bathroom experience.

Q: Can I use Scott ComfortPlus Toilet Paper for everyday use?

  • A: Absolutely! Scott ComfortPlus features 1-ply construction that strikes a perfect balance between softness and strength, making it ideal for everyday use in any household or commercial setting.

Q: How many rolls does a package include?

  • A: Each package contains 12 double rolls of Scott ComfortPlus Toilet Paper, ensuring you have an ample supply to last through many bathroom visits.
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