Utopia Towels Cotton Washcloths Set – 60 Pack, Soft Feel Fingertip Towels Black

Elevate your daily cleansing routine with the Utopia Towels 60 Pack Cotton Washcloths Set. Crafted from 100% ring spun cotton, these premium quality flannel face cloths offer superior absorbency and a soft feel. Perfect for everyday use, they provide a luxurious touch to your bathing experience in classic black.


BrandUtopia Towels
Age Range (Description)All Ages
Product Dimensions12″L x 12″W


Indulge in the luxurious comfort of the Utopia Towels Cotton Washcloths Set.This bundle includes 60 washcloths, meticulously crafted from 100% ring spun cotton for exceptional softness and durability.With their premium quality and gentle touch, these cloths are ideal for daily skincare routines, whether for cleansing or drying.

Experience superior absorbency with these flannel face cloths, designed to quickly soak up moisture for thorough cleansing. Additionally, their highly absorbent nature maintains a plush, gentle feel against your skin. Conveniently sized, they offer versatility for tasks like makeup removal or drying off after a shower, ensuring added convenience.

Enhance your bathroom with the timeless elegance of these fingertip towels, available in classic black.Their sleek and stylish design not only adds a touch of sophistication to any decor scheme but also makes them a staple in every household due to their practicality. Elevate your bathing experience with the Utopia Towels Cotton Washcloths Set, offering unparalleled comfort and functionality for your daily routine.


1. Premium Quality Cotton:

 Crafted from 100% ring spun cotton, the Utopia Towels Cotton Washcloths Set offers superior softness and durability, ensuring a luxurious experience with each use.

2. Highly Absorbent: 

These washcloths are highly absorbent, quickly soaking up moisture to effectively cleanse and dry your skin, making them ideal for daily skincare routines.

3. Versatile Use:

Suitable for various tasks, these washcloths are perfect for cleansing your face, removing makeup, or drying off after a shower, providing versatility and convenience in one package.

4. Generous Quantity:

With a set of 60 washcloths, you’ll always have an ample supply for your daily needs, ensuring convenience wherever you are.

5. Soft Feel: 

The flannel construction of these washcloths ensures a gentle touch against your skin, providing comfort and luxury with every use, thereby enhancing your bathing experience.

6. Timeless Design: 

Available in classic black, these washcloths add a touch of elegance to your bathroom decor, combining timeless style with functional performance for an elevated bathing experience.


1. 100% Ring Spun Cotton:

Crafted from premium quality ring spun cotton, these washcloths offer exceptional softness, durability, and absorbency, ensuring a luxurious experience.

2. Flannel Construction:

The flannel fabrication ensures a gentle, plush feel against the skin, enhancing comfort during use and promoting a luxurious bathing experience.

3. Generous Set Size:

This set includes 60 washcloths, providing an ample supply for daily use and ensuring convenience and practicality for households of all sizes.

4. Versatile Functionality: 

Perfect for facial cleansing, makeup removal, or drying off after a shower, these washcloths offer versatility for all skincare needs.

5. Easy Care: 

Machine washable and dryer safe for effortless maintenance, ensuring long-lasting freshness with each use.

6. Classic Color Option: 

In timeless black, these washcloths elevate any bathroom decor, seamlessly blending style with functionality for an elegant aesthetic. Additionally, their sleek appearance enhances the overall ambiance of the space.

How It Works: 

1. Absorption:

Utopia Towels Cotton Washcloths Set features ring spun cotton fibers that swiftly absorb moisture, efficiently drying and cleansing. Furthermore, this design ensures quick and effective moisture removal, enhancing their performance.

2. Gentle Cleansing: 

Crafted from flannel, these cloths offer a gentle, plush feel, enhancing comfort and promoting a luxurious bathing experience. Additionally, their soft texture elevates the overall sensation of relaxation.

3. Multi-Purpose Use:

These washcloths offer versatility for daily skincare routines, suitable for removing makeup, cleansing, or drying off after a shower. Moreover, their multifunctionality simplifies and streamlines your skincare regimen.

4. Convenient Size:

Designed with dimensions for easy handling, these washcloths fit comfortably in the hand, enabling effortless use during bathing and skincare routines.

5. Durability: 

Constructed with ring spun cotton, these washcloths ensure durability and longevity, maintaining quality and performance through repeated use and washing. Furthermore, this feature guarantees reliability even with frequent laundering.

6. Enhanced Comfort:

Thanks to its plush flannel texture, these cloths provide a luxurious feel, ensuring enhanced comfort and promoting relaxation during bathing.


Q: Are these washcloths suitable for sensitive skin?

  • A: Crafted from soft ring spun cotton, the Utopia Towels Cotton Washcloths Set is gentle and ideal for sensitive skin types.

Q: How many washcloths are included in the set?

  • A: This set includes a generous quantity of 60 washcloths, ensuring an ample supply for daily use and added convenience. Consequently, users won’t need to frequently replenish their stock, providing long-term convenience.

Q: What is the recommended care instructions for these washcloths?

  • A: It is recommended to machine wash these washcloths in warm water and tumble dry on low for best results, ensuring longevity and freshness with each use. Additionally, following these care instructions will help preserve their quality over time.

Q: Do these washcloths shrink after washing?

  • A: These washcloths are pre-shrunk to minimize shrinkage, ensuring they maintain their size and shape after washing for continued usability. Consequently, users can rely on their consistent performance and durability.

Q: Can these washcloths be used for exfoliation?

  • A: While these washcloths are soft and gentle on the skin, they may not provide sufficient exfoliation. Therefore, consider using a dedicated exfoliating tool or product for better results.

Q: Are these washcloths suitable for commercial use, such as in hotels or spas?

  • A: Indeed, these washcloths are suitable for both residential and commercial use, providing durability, absorbency, and versatility for various hospitality settings.
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