Cottonelle Ultra Clean Toilet Paper 24 Family Mega Rolls, 1-Ply

Cottonelle Ultra Clean Toilet Paper offers active Cleaning Ripples and 1-Ply strength, providing 388 sheets per roll. Each pack contains 24 Family Mega Rolls, equaling 132 Regular Rolls. With versatile packaging, it ensures a thorough clean, and ample supply for your household needs.


Special FeatureFlushable, Perforated
Unit Count24 Count
Sheet Count9312
Ply Rating1-Ply


Cottonelle Ultra Clean Toilet Paper is engineered to elevate your bathroom experience with its innovative Cleaning Ripples texture. Moreover, this advanced feature ensures thorough cleansing with every use,feeling of freshness and cleanliness. Additionally, the 1-Ply construction provides strength and durability. Furthermore, with each roll containing 388 sheets, and the packaging comprising four packs of six rolls, you get a total of 24 Family Mega Rolls, equivalent to 132 Regular Rolls.

Experience the difference that Cottonelle Ultra Clean Toilet Paper brings to your daily routine. Its superior design and quality materials offer a comfortable and effective solution for all your bathroom needs. Whether you’re stocking up for a large family or simply appreciate long-lasting convenience, this toilet paper is sure to meet and exceed your expectations. Elevate your hygiene routine with the trusted performance of Cottonelle Ultra Clean.

With this Paper, you not only get exceptional cleanliness but also peace of mind. Its versatile packaging may vary, but its quality remains consistent, ensuring that you receive a reliable product every time. Whether it’s for everyday use or unexpected needs, this toilet paper provides the reliability and comfort you can count on. Make the switch to Cottonelle Ultra Clean and discover a new level of freshness.


1. Active CleaningRipples:

 Cottonelle Ultra Clean Toilet Paper features innovative Active Cleaning Ripples, designed to provide a superior level of cleanliness with each use. These textured ripples ensure thorough cleaning for a refreshing feeling.

2. 1-Ply Strength: 

Despite its gentle feel, this toilet paper doesn’t compromise on strength. The 1-Ply construction offers durability and reliability, making it suitable for everyday use in busy households.

3. High Sheet Count:

 With 388 sheets per roll, you can rely on Cottonelle Ultra Clean to last longer, reducing the frequency of roll changes. This high sheet count ensures convenience and efficiency in your bathroom routine.

4. Extended Supply:

 Each pack includes four packs of six rolls, totaling 24 Family Mega Rolls. This provides an extended supply, equivalent to 132 Regular Rolls, ensuring you always have enough on hand for your family’s needs.

5. Comfortable Experience:

 Beyond its cleaning capabilities, Cottonelle Ultra Clean delivers a comfortable experience. The soft texture and gentle feel of the toilet paper ensure a pleasant and soothing sensation during each use.


1. Active CleaningRipples:

 Cottonelle Ultra Clean Toilet Paper is designed with Active Cleaning Ripples, providing enhanced cleaning power for a thorough and refreshing experience after each use.

2. 1-Ply Strength:

 Despite its gentle texture, this toilet paper offers 1-ply strength, ensuring durability and reliability for effective cleaning without tearing or breaking.

3. High Sheet Count: 

Each roll contains 388 sheets, offering ample coverage and reducing the frequency of roll changes, providing convenience for busy households.

4. Family Mega Rolls: 

Packaged in four packs of six rolls, totaling 24 Family Mega Rolls, this product provides an extended supply equivalent to 132 Regular Rolls, ideal for larger families or frequent users.

5. Packaging Variability:

 The packaging may vary, but the quality remains consistent, ensuring that you receive a reliable product every time you restock.

How It Works: 

1. Active CleaningRipples Mechanism:

 Cottonelle Ultra Clean employs a unique texture with Active Cleaning Ripples. As you use the toilet paper, these ripples work actively to lift and remove residue effectively, ensuring a thorough cleansing experience with every wipe.

2. 1-Ply Reinforcement:

 Despite its single-ply construction, Cottonelle Ultra Clean is engineered with specialized fibers that provide remarkable strength. This reinforcement prevents the paper from tearing or breaking during use, ensuring reliability and effectiveness in maintaining cleanliness.

3. Ample Sheet Count:

 Each roll contains a generous 388 sheets, offering extensive coverage for multiple uses before needing replacement. This high sheet count reduces the hassle of frequent roll changes, providing convenience and efficiency for users.

4. Family Mega Roll Packaging:

 Packaged in four packs of six rolls, totaling 24 Family Mega Rolls, Cottonelle Ultra Clean ensures an extended supply. This packaging format is ideal for larger families or those who prefer to stock up, offering long-lasting convenience.

5. Consistent Quality Assurance:

 While the packaging design may vary, Cottonelle Ultra Clean maintains consistent quality and performance. Regardless of the packaging style, users can trust in the reliability and effectiveness of the product for their hygiene needs.

6. Softness and Comfort:

 Alongside its cleaning prowess, Cottonelle Ultra Clean is crafted with soft and gentle fibers. This ensures a comfortable experience during use, promoting a soothing sensation and enhancing overall bathroom comfort for users.


Q: Is Cottonelle Ultra Clean Toilet Paper suitable for sensitive skin?

  • A: Yes, Cottonelle Ultra Clean Toilet Paper is crafted with softness in mind, making it suitable for individuals with sensitive skin. The Active Cleaning Ripples ensure gentle yet effective cleansing without causing irritation.

Q: Can I use Cottonelle Ultra Clean Toilet Paper with septic systems?

  • A: Absolutely!Toilet Paper is designed to be septic-safe, allowing you to use it with confidence without worrying about clogging or damaging your septic system.

Q: How does Cottonelle Ultra Clean compare to other toilet paper brands?

  • A: Cottonelle Ultra Clean stands out with its innovative Active Cleaning Ripples, which provide superior cleaning action compared to traditional toilet paper. Additionally, its 1-Ply construction offers a perfect balance of strength and softness, setting it apart from other brands.

Q: Is the packaging of Cottonelle Ultra Clean Toilet Paper recyclable?

  • A: Yes, the packaging of Toilet Paper is recyclable, reflecting our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Q: Can I purchase Cottonelle Ultra Clean Toilet Paper in bulk quantities?

  • A: Yes, Toilet Paper is available for purchase in bulk quantities, making it convenient for households and businesses to stock up and save on their toilet paper needs.

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